Purchase Order

Manage Purchase Order

Readily can handle your purchase orders

  • To view the list of purchases, navigate to the "Manage Purchase Order" section
    (Purchase --> Manage)
  • Adjusting the number of purchase orders displayed to meet user expectations (Show entries)
  • Can view Active and Inactive purchase entries in dedicated sections
Create Purchase Order

Make purchase order creation more user-friendly

  • Navigate to the purchase dropdown menu and subsequently select the "create purchase" option
  • Additionally, you can include multiple purchase items within a single purchase order simultaneously
  • After adding the purchased items, users can easily generate a Purchase Order by clicking the submit button
Purchase Order Details

Instantly generate your purchase order

  • Conveniently access detailed information about a specific purchase order by clicking the view document icon, which will direct you to the order details screen.
  • In case you need to download a purchase order, you can find the download option available within the list
  • If you wish to share this purchase order directly, the share option will be accessible in the list