Customer Receipts

Manage Customer Receipt

Easily manage customer receipts

  • To view the list of receipts, navigate to the "Customer Receipts" section
    (Collection Management --> Customer Receipt)
  • Customize the displayed receipt entries
    (Show entries)
  • Through providing options to select and record the payment type
Create Customer Receipts

Record the customer payment transactions

  • We provide an option to create a new receipt for each customer transaction
  • Include fields to capture essential details such as customer name, purchase details, payment amount, and date
  • It allow's users to record various payment methods such as cash, credit/debit cards, checks, or online payment platforms.
Receipt Details

Keep track of receipt details

  • Conveniently access detailed information about a specific customer receipt by clicking the view option, which will direct you to the receipt details screen.
  • Can maintain a history of all generated receipts for reference and auditing purposes
  • we ensure precise and efficient calculation of the receipt amounts