Expense Management

Effortlessly track your costs

  • Expense Management is the practice of effectively tracking, controlling, and optimizing expenses incurred by individuals or organizations.
  • By effectively managing expenses, individuals and businesses can achieve greater financial efficiency and allocate resources more effectively
  • To view the real-time expense monitoring, navigate to the "Manage Expenses" section
    (Expenses --> Manage)
Create Expenses

Create expense reports

  • Navigate to the product dropdown menu and subsequently select the "create expense" option
  • After clicking the "create" button, users will encounter the expense creation input fields where they can enter all the required information
  • After providing the expense details, users can effortlessly create a expenses by clicking submit
Edit Expenses

Modify the expense

  • Expense editing made easy by clicking the edit icon on the expense list, followed by navigating to the edit option page
  • Users can make modifications to the specific item and then submit to update the details
  • Upon completion of the update, automatically navigate to the expense list screen